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Save up to $75 on Ninja Kitchen Appliances

New this month - Blue Zone Meal Planner members now have access to $50 off a Ninja CREAMi frozen treat maker as well as $25 off the Ninja Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer. The Ninja CREAMi is the perfect appliance to help you satisfy your sweet tooth (without the added refined sugars that usually accompany desserts) by transforming fruit into ice cream with the touch of a button. The Ninja Speedi is your solution to how to cook a great tasting dinner in 15 minutes - perfect for a busy weeknight. Choose your vegetables, grains and beans to create an entire meal in one pot using air fry and rapid cooker modes. Head to Ninja and Use code TREAT50 at checkout for $50 off the Creami. Use code COOK25 at checkout for $25 off the Speedi.

Vitamix Deal Alert!

Special US only offer: Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 7500 for just $259.95 - that's a savings of $180! Offer ends on 3/31/23. Use coupon code: VITASPOT123122 at checkout!

15% off Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix Blenders are a powerful line of high-performance blenders and as a member you receive 15% off your purchase plus Free Shipping on orders $100+. Use code VITA@CORP22$ at checkout. 

15% off PLANTSTRONG Foods

PLANTSTRONG Foods is on a mission to reach as many people as possible, with convenient and delicious whole food plant-based products made with the world’s strongest nutrition. Their products are available in the US and Canada and ship direct to customers who want a pantry full of plant-based goodness. Blue Zone Meal Planner members can save 15% off any regular price items (not including subscriptions). Simply click here and receive your 15% discount using code LIVELONG15 at checkout. *15% discount does not apply to subscriptions

15% off SriMu Cheese

SriMu, founded by Plantpower’s co-founder Julie Piatt (aka SriMati), is the first subscription box of its kind for artisanally crafted NOT cheeses made with plant based ingredients. Delicious and impactful, each bite of SriMu nourishes your body, honors animals and transforms Mother Earth. Every flavor is 100% plant-based, gluten free (not certified for celiac), paleo, and made with mostly organic ingredients.  Please note if you have a nut allergy - the main ingredients in the NOT Cheeses are cashews and almonds! All members are eligible for 15% off on first time orders with code Mealplanner15 at checkout. Your one-time box or subscription is delivered right to your home. SriMu NOT cheese is hand-crafted + aged for weeks to achieve its rich, full bodied, cheesy flavor.

$100 off Lomi

Lomi is a revolutionary appliance turning waste and food scraps into dirt! Lomi is a simple, guilt-free solution to your daily food waste problem. Receive $100 off your order at Lomi with code Lomilove100 at checkout.

30% off Pela

You care about the planet. Pela makes it easy to show it. Pela is the creator of The World’s First Compostable Phone Case + accessories. Receive 30% off  Pela site wide when you use code wastefree30 at checkout.

30% off Pucker Punch Coffee

Pucker Punch Coffee sources their beans from exotic and premium coffee varieties. Plus, they fly them in small batches instead of containers, in order to maintain freshness. These efforts result in a final product that tastes far superior to your everyday cup. Their natural process coffee needs almost no water and creates substantially less waste than wet process coffee. It does not contribute to climate change at nearly the same level. While natural process coffee requires a lot of physical labor, time, and attention to detail, their fair trade practices ensure the people who work with them are paid well for their efforts. And by working with local intermediaries, they steer clear from governmental institutions. All in all, the natural process coffee allows high-quality beans to interact longer with the coffee cherry. This creates a fruitier, expressive, full-bodied flavor. With Pucker Punch Coffee, let your morning cup do more than wake your body up. Let it wake your soul. Get 30% off with code Tastethetruth30 at checkout.

20% off Drew Coffee

Exceptional coffee. Consciously crafted. Roasted + delivered for peak freshness, right to your door. Through passion & the desire to make an impact, Drew Coffee is committed to delivering an exceptional at-home coffee experience while pushing to become the industry's most sustainable company. We're focused on it with everything we do - from how we source & roast, to the packaging we use and shipping providers we partner with. But that's not enough, we also plant a tree around the world with every bag sold. Get 20% off full price one time purchases and monthly subscriptions of Drew Coffee using code DREWVIP at checkout.

$20 off Kinder Beauty

Kinder Beauty was founded in an effort to offer well-researched and curated brands and products for our subscribers to take the guesswork out of cruelty-free shopping. Members receive $20 off any subscription of the Kinder Beauty box with code KINDERVIP at checkout.

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