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We created the Blue Zones Meal Planner for you based on the longevity secrets and eating habits of the world’s blue zones. Our research found a significant overlap in the foods the longest-lived people around the world enjoy. After we identified these cultures, we found it was not just the diet but also their purpose-filled lives and their connection to their communities that contributed to their longevity. It has been my life’s work to share the practices of the world’s most extraordinary populations so that people can live longer, better.

People in the blue zones regions eat mostly plants. Whole, minimally processed, delicious plant-based meals that are cooked, served, and enjoyed with love and loved ones. Now that you’ve been with us for almost six months, how are your meals coming along? 

What have been some of your moments of success in the past few months while eating the blue zones way? How have the recipes, a Food Coach, or grocery delivery helped you stay on track?

I am rooting for your happiness and longevity! Is there anything that will help you keep going strong? Send us a message so we can lend a hand!

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